140 Faculty, Staff Recognized for Service to CSU

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Nearly 140 Columbus State faculty and staff were honored April 16 at the university’s annual Retiree Recognition and Service Awards ceremony.

Rita J. Watts, director of accounting services for CSU, had the most service of all the honorees, with 35 years. Nancy D. Marino, director of administrative services for CSU’s College of the Arts, was recognized for 25 years of service to CSU.

Recognized by CSU Human Resources, the ceremony’s organizer, for 20 years of service were Michael Baltimore, professor of counseling; Anna Bagley Brooks, university comptroller; J. Alyce Cook, associate professor of modern and classical Languages; Tom Dolan, professor of political science; Dorinda L Dowis, professor of criminal justice; Patricia Louise Garrett, associate director of financial aid; Alvin Harris, desktop services professional for University Information and Technology Services; Amanda Hawkins, associate professor of nursing; Johnny Ho, professor of management and marketing; Teresa Irvin, professor of basic studies; Otto Land, UITS technical support specialist; Loretta Marshall, UITS information security administrator; Joseph McCallus, professor of English; Edwin Schevey, UITS telecommunications support specialist; Paula Simko, Academic Center for Excellence academic advisor-retention specialist; Rebecca Tew, Student Health Center director; Neal Thomson, professor of management and marketing; and Jeffrey Zuiderveen, professor of biology.

Fifteen employees who are retiring or had retired during the 2013-2014 school year also were honored. All had more than a decade of service to CSU. The recognized retirees, their titles or work areas and their term of service to CSU are Raymond Bray, building maintenance painter, 11 years; Lougene Brown, associate vice president for business and finance, 24 years; Rick Cravens, assistant director of campus recreation for adventure and intramural recreation,  28 years; Benjamin Crowley, Plant Operations, 11 years; Joe Francavilla, professor of English, 27 years; Joan Holder, art department administrative assistant, 15 years; Kay Jenkins, UITS, 28 years; Charlie Jones, Campus Services, 18 years; Rita Jones, Accounting and Finance, 11 years; Jay Kimbrough, Academic Center for Excellence, 17 years; Richard Long, professor of counseling and educational leadership, 23 years; Milwood Motley, associate professor of biology, 25 years; Maurice Shalishali, Accounting and Finance, 16 years; Vicky Thomas, Library, 31 years; and David Woolbright, Computer Science, 40 years.

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