A Note About Parking this Fall from President Markwood

Dear CSU students, faculty and staff:

As the fall semester begins, we expect that campus traffic will again be congested. We understand that conditions are not ideal, but after more than a year of studying and planning, we are sure that there are enough total spaces on campus to accommodate all students, including our commuters, and university employees.

Parking spots on the interior of campus, however, are scarce and always fill quickly. Students and employees will find it increasingly difficult to find a place to park shortly before classes begin and near popular classroom buildings.

Especially at the beginning of the year, we encourage all drivers to arrive early, use alternative campus entrances (other than from University Avenue) and make use of less-frequented parking lots such as the lots near the soccer complex and below the Cunningham Center.

We are excited that construction on Clearview Hall is complete, so parking on the street around Clearview Circle is reopened to all students, faculty and staff. The lot in front of Clearview Hall (#34) and to the rear (#38) will be restricted to Clearview residents with a special parking permit.

A few other reminders:

- The parking garage is for student parking only. (Service vehicles were removed last year to provide extra room for students.)
- Residents of the Courtyard at CSU and Clearview Hall are not allowed to bring their cars to the interior of campus.
- Shuttle service will be increased around campus to encourage more parking in “outer”parking lots such as at the Cunningham Center and soccer complex.
- Signs are now on light poles to identify parking lots and walking times. No building on campus is more than a 15-minute walk from any parking lot.

We expect that parking will settle into a normal, manageable routine within a few days of school starting. Please help us by being patient, arriving early and considering alternative travel options.

Thank you for all that you do for our students, this community, and each other.

Chris Markwood