ABC News to Visit CSU Space Center For National Broadcast

A crew from ABC News is scheduled to air a national broadcast from Columbus State Universitys Coca-Cola Space Science Center early Tuesday morning as space shuttle Discovery tries again to come home.

With CSUs space center as a backdrop, the news crew will be interviewing a former astronaut who is in town this week at Fort Benning, said Larry Pallotta, assistant director of the center.

The crew is scheduled to arrive sometime after midnight Monday to prepare for the broadcast, which will coincide with the planned predawn landing.

Due to low clouds at the Kennedy Space Center landing site, Mission Control Houston waved off both landing opportunities for Space Shuttle Discovery Monday, NASA reported. The next opportunity is at 5:07 a.m. EDT Tuesday.

There are several opportunities to land tomorrow, including two at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and two at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

For more information, contact the Columbus State University Coca-Cola Space Science Center at 649-1470.