Adobe ELA for Departments, Faculty, Staff, and Labs

Columbus State University is now participating in the Adobe Enterprise Licenses Agreement program offered through SRS and the University System of Georgia.  This plan allows participating schools within the University System to offer the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection to their campuses.  Each participating university’s FTE is used to calculate their share of the cost and lock in competitive pricing per license annually for three years.  Upgrade plans are included in the price of each license.

How does this benefit each department? Interested departments will be given the opportunity to obtain licenses of Adobe products requested by their faculty, staff, and labs.  The Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection includes the following products:

Photoshop® CS6 Extended

Illustrator® CS6

InDesign® CS6

Acrobat® X Pro

Flash® Catalyst® CS6

Flash Professional CS6

Flash Builder® 4.5 Premium Edition

Dreamweaver® CS6

Fireworks® CS6

Contribute CS6

Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6

After Effects® CS6

Adobe Audition® CS6

Adobe OnLocation™ CS6

Encore® CS6

Bridge CS6

Device Central CS6

Media Encoder CS6


How do CSU departments take advantage of this plan? Departments or individuals should submit an eQuest to UITS with the following information:

1) The Department name

2) The number of office computers to be licensed.  For labs, please include

the location  and an exact count of stations in each lab.

3) Name of the Tier level

4) The department’s account information

Note: For lab purchases, the entire suite will be installed.  For faculty and staff requests, there will be four tiered options to meet the varying needs of each individual.  Each department’s account information must be present in the eQuest before installation can occur.

What are the four tiered options available for faculty and staff individual purchase? The four tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1 - Master Collection
    • Description: The entire collection in an unaltered form as listed previously.
  • Tier 2 – Design and Web Suite
    • Description:  All of the components of Adobe Creative Suite Design and Web Premium.
    • Photoshop CS6 Extended
    • Illustrator CS6
    • InDesign CS6
    • Dreamweaver CS6
    • Flash Professional CS6
    • Fireworks CS6
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro X
    • Bridge CS6
    • Media Encoder CS6
  • Tier 3 – Design Standard Suite
    • Description: All of the components of Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard.
    • Photoshop CS6
    • Illustrator CS6
    • Indesign CS6
    • Adobe Acrobat X Pro
    • Bridge CS6
    • Media Encoder CS6
  • Tier 4 – Acrobat
    • Description:  Adobe Acrobat Only

Where can we deploy the software? The software can be installed on any institutionally-owned machine.  Mac and Windows versions are available.

What are the prices for Labs and Faculty/Staff licenses?

Lab Licenses

  • Lab licenses will be available at a cost of $350.00 per computer.

Faculty/Staff Licenses

  • Tier One licenses are $350.00 per license.
  • Tier Two licenses are $300.00 per license.
  • Tier Three licenses are $260.00 per license.
  • Tier Four Licenses are $60.00 per license.

Is this a one-time fee or an annual cost? Each participating group will be responsible for the cost of the licenses they obtain annually.

What if the department chooses to terminate its participation? If the participating department or CSU decides not to take part in the Adobe ELA any further, any financial obligation will terminate and the serial numbers for the purchased licenses will become invalid.  Individual departments may then choose to purchase replacement licenses or coordinate with UITS for the removal of the software from all deployment locations.

For more information or quotes, please contact the UITS Software Procurement Team at 706-507-8146.