Art History Professor Named CSU Educator of the Year

Peter Scott Brown joined CSUs art department faculty in 2003, arriving from Europe where he studied the history of art and architecture for two years in Germany, Italy, Spain and France. He subsequently has shared his insight with CSU students, detailing art and architecture from prehistoric to early modern times. The effectiveness of his teaching has earned him CSU Educator of the Year honors for 2004-05.

CSU cited Brown in its annual Scholastic Honors Convocation on Tuesday. Other top faculty awards went to Education Professor Deborah Gober for Faculty Service and Computer Science Professor Dr. Bhagyavati for Faculty Research and Scholarship. The Faculty Cup, the highest student honor, went to biology major Courtney Blayke Gibson. Other top student awards went to psychology major Vedran Gruda (Academic Recognition Award) and business finance major Benjamin Thigpen (Phi Kappa Phi Senior Award).

Brown, a Macon, Ga. native, holds two degrees from Yale University, a masters in philosophy and a doctorate in art history. He teaches upper and lower-level courses covering early Christian and Medieval art, and art and architectures Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance periods. He also focuses his research on religious symbolism in early works. In addition to serving on several departmental committees at CSU, Brown volunteers his time to the Columbus Museum where he is part of the education committee.

Bhagyavati, an assistant professor in the TSYS Department of Computer Science, has published and co-authored with students several refereed papers at national and international conferences. She also has secured grants to support several undergraduate research projects. For example a National Science Foundation grant is supporting projects by 16 students in 2004-05. Recently, Bhagyavati secured funding for a pair of projects for women researchers through the Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates in Computer Science and Engineering Program. In February, she chaired a prestigious, international panel of computer scientists in St. Louis, Mo. for the Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education 2005 Symposium.

Gober, an associate professor of mathematics education, was cited for coordinating over five years, the College of Educations national accreditation review process with the National Association of Teacher Education and Professional Standards Commission. She organized on-site visits by accrediting officials and authored several corresponding reports. She also has provided leadership and support to extracurricular and outreach initiatives such as Project SMART (Support, Mentoring and Resources for Teachers of Secondary Mathematics), the CSU Mathematics Invitational and K-12-teacher professional development activities through CSUs Math Collaborative.

Gibson, a premed student, has prepared for a career in emergency medicine with outstanding classroom performance and through extracurricular opportunities such as participating as a third rider on city ambulance runs and shadowing doctors in local emergency rooms. Her academic honors include citations from Beta Beta Beta and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She has earned numerous scholarships including Tower, Honors and Regents. Gibson has studied abroad in Belize and Australia and recently placed third in the Georgia Consortium for International Studies Outstanding Student in International Studies competition. She also has coached youth sports, taught Sunday school and volunteered at Valley Rescue Mission among several community service activities.

Other CSU Scholastic Honors For 2004-05:

Raymond Gonzalez, political science
Hazel Hall-Brennan, theater
Keith S. Grimson, art
Lenemaja Friedman, language and literature
James H. Chappel, language and literature
John S. Lupold, history
Nemia Chai, language and literature
Charles Tsun-Hsiung Kao, chemistry
Francis E. Gardner, Jr., biology
Kitt Lumley, mathematics
Jerrel Yates, mathematics
John J. Thomas, philosophy
Richard G. Gibson, mathematics
Albert R. VanCleave, mathematics
Gerald Stinson, mathematics
Sarah E. Angermuller, nursing
Peggy H. Batastini, nursing
Judy K. Davidson, nursing
Marlene Mitchell-Tibbs, nursing

Faculty Service: Deborah Gober, math education
Faculty Research and Scholarship: Dr. Bhagyavati, computer science

Academic Recognition Award: Vedran Gruda, psychology
Faculty Cup: Courtney Blayke Gibson, biology
Phi Kappa Phi Senior Award: Benjamin Thigpen, business finance

Matthew Blaxton, Holly Chesnut, Leanne Fletcher, Courtney Blayke Gibson, Leticia Gonzalez, Marjorie Hendrix, Amanda Hertel, Kathy Honea, Matthew Luby, Limor Raz, Melanie Simmons, Benjamin Thigpen


Art - Kelly Englebert
Art Graduate - Heather Martin
Communication - Amanda Bond
Criminal Justice - Clint Myers
English - Stephanie Andrea Allen
Spanish - Tara Nicole Brady
History - Matt R. Starling
Music - Barbara Careaga
Music-Presser Scholar - Richard Adam Williams
Political Science - William Great
Public Administration - Angelia Sharpe
Theatre Arts Award - Kimberly Pruitt
Theatre Arts Education Award - Brittany Baird
Theatre Arts Design/Technical - Rebecca Jeffords

Early Childhood Education - Cappie Herrington
Early Childhood Education Graduate - Ellen S. Austin
English Education - Natasha Perez
English Education Graduate - Wendi Jenkins
Mathematics Education - Angela Parkman
Middle Grades Education - Jessica Spencer
Middle Grades Education Graduate - Jessica Martin
Science Education Graduate - Susan Sneed
Social Science Education - William Richard Hawk
Social Science Education Graduate - Jennifer Lynn Hale
Special Education - Shanna Sellers
Special Education Graduate - Deborah Wilson
Health & Physical Education - Tommy Fountain, Jr.
Health & Physical Education Graduate - Regan Laiben
School Counseling, M. Ed. - Lori Beckwith
School Counseling, Ed.S - Kenya Gilmore
Community Counseling, M.S. - Katherine Sanderson
Educational Leadership, M.Ed. - Janet LaFortune
Educational Leadership, Ed.S. - Larry Bates

Health Science - Tammy Walthour
Environmental Science Graduate- Amanda Middleton
General Chemistry - Andrew Wilson
Chemistry - Rebecca Moulton
Geology - Shaun Lovelace
Physics - Rebecca Raymond
American Institute of Chemistry - Victoria A. Smith
Computer Science Systems - Jennifer Flowers
Applied Computer Science - Jennifer McCoskey
Applied Computer Science Graduate - Frenny Thomas
Psychology - Kristen Varisco
Sociology - Gena Marie Burditt
Mathematics - Rebecca Klusmeier
Nursing - Sheree McClure
Biology - Courtney Blayke Gibson
Ecological & Evolutionary Biology - Brett Nicole Harris

Accounting - Rebecca Smoke
Computer Information Systems - Matthew Luby
Finance - Benjamin Thigpen
Management - Marcia M. Bonsell
Marketing - Paola Machado
Business Administration - Denise W. Payne
Master of Business Administration - David L. Johnson

Suzanne Alford, Hikaru Asada, Jonathan Austin, Ashley Barrow, B. Bhagyavati, Kerry Bodnar, Brian Bolton, Reginald Brown, Janet T. Brown, Ashley Bryd-Kittrell,Gena Burditt, Dorothy Chaney, Phyllis Chisholm, Trisha Coffey, Latala Cofield, Michelle Dillon, Kevin Duncan, Daniel Dukes, Kelly Englebert, Sabrina Gonzalez, Cassandra Guest, Karthik Harihar, Aleisha Hedges, Amanda Hertel, Thomas Hill, Angela Holcey, Kathy Honea,Cassie Hudgins, Vernon Humphrey, Celia Martin Hurley, Tabitha Hyatt, Melissa Ingle, Tiffany James, Kerry Jannergren, Brian Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Shaunta Jones, Lynn Keller, Pashion Keller, Saif Khan, Elizabeth Kirkland, Erin Lantzy, Melissa McDaniel, Marlena Mobley, Hirofumi Motegi Anna Nossett, Denise Payne, Adam Peoples, Molli Ramsey, Limor Raz, Ashley Reynolds, Melanie Ross, Amanda Shaw, Lubov Shlyahovsky, Jeremy Stanelle, Bobbie Stovall, Verla Stubbs, Ashley Thames, Twilya Toombs, Sarah Turner, Amanda Uptain, Angel Shuntae Vines, Mija Welburn, Eddie Woodhouse, Molly Wright, Rhonda Zink