Banquet may Leave Guests Hungry -- and That's the Point

COLUMBUS, Ga. Hosting a banquet to raise awareness about the hungry may sound odd.

But the banquet that Columbus State Universitys Servant Leadership program is presenting Tuesday night will present the issue in a whole new way.

Attendees are asked to donate $10 for the event, but their contribution doesnt guarantee a full meal. Food will be distributed among attendees in a representative distribution to demonstrate the disparity between societal classes and conditions worldwide.

So, some people will have a full meal, some may get rice and beans, and some guests will receive even less.

This project is all about awareness and hope; we want to bring awareness to those who dont see the problem and hope to those who can see nothing else, said Rob Kaple, one of the senior students planning the event.

The evening will include a student-produced video depicting homelessness, and speakers from the Homeless Resource Network of Columbus and a member of the homeless community. Guests will be encouraged to reflect and discuss their viewpoints.

The dinner is part of CSUs Servant Leadership program senior class project. The students want to raise awareness regarding the issues of hunger and homelessness and their implications locally and globally and have been working to raise money for better service delivery and improved facilities for the Homeless Resource Network.

All proceeds from the event will go to the Homeless Resource Network.

The dinner will be on Tuesday, Feb. 27, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at CSUs Cunningham Center, located on CSUs main campus. Anyone wishing to attend is asked to send an e-mail that includes his or her name to

For more information, contact or the Servant Leadership Office at 706-565-3655.