Be Aware of Upcoming Parking Changes on Campus

As you know, Columbus State University is a growing, thriving campus. That success has led to several construction projects on campus over the next several years. Next month, the university will officially start work on another major addition to our campus - a new freshman housing building inside Clearview Circle.

Faculty, staff and students need to be especially aware of this new construction because it will cause a shift in parking and travel patterns on campus.

On May 18, fencing will be installed around the entire interior of Clearview Circle, closing off parking lots 34 and 38. Those lots will remained closed until the housing project is complete, at which time they will likely be reserved for new freshmen.

We have thoroughly examined parking demand and supply on campus over the past several months. While we understand that things will be more difficult and congested in the fall, we are convinced that with enough patience, planning and campus shuttle adjustments, we can handle parking demands next semester with existing parking spaces on campus, and by expanding the campus shuttle service.

To avoid some parking inconvenience next semester, we encourage people to carpool, walk, bike, ride Metra, or ride the CSU shuttle, which makes stops in downtown and Lakebottom Park and is available to faculty and staff as well as students.

If you do bring a car to campus, the Walden Soccer Complex or Cunningham Center lower parking lots should be options for you to consider for parking. The university will be expanding campus shuttle services to serve these areas in the fall (although it should be noted that walking from these lots to the clock tower will take no more than 10 minutes).

With all the projects happening at CSU over the next few years, we anticipate an ongoing conversation about parking. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and we value your input.


Eric L. Pittman
Director of Campus Planning
Co-chair, Main Campus Transition Task Force


Patrick McHenry
Professor of English and Associate Dean, College of Letters and Sciences
Co-chair, Main Campus Transition Task Force