Boston Symphony Orchestra Trombonist Credits Schwob School of Music in New Album

Schwob01COLUMBUS, Ga. — A new solo album released by Boston Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist James Markey prominently credits Columbus State University’s Schwob School of Music for its contributions in performance, production and engineering.

Recorded in the RiverCenter's Legacy Hall in March 2014, trombone professor Bradley Palmer served as producer for the album “Psychedelia” with partner and music technology professor Matt McCabe, who led the engineering.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working and recording at Columbus State University,” Markey said. “Dr. Bradley Palmer is both a fine record producer and a very fine teacher who has developed the trombone studio into a deep and fine ensemble.”

Schwob02Six members of the CSU Trombone Studio joined Markey as performers on one track conducted by Palmer, and McCabe’s students were credited for their assistance in the recording process.

“The opportunity to collaborate with the best of the best is really significant for us and our students,” Palmer said. “It shines a wonderful spotlight on the Schwob School of Music - our students, our faculty, and our facilities.”

The Schwob School of Music can expect Markey to return to Legacy Hall.

“Legacy Hall at Columbus State is a wonderful hall in which to perform and record, providing a rich, warm and vibrant sound,” Markey said. “I very much look forward to future collaborations both with [Palmer] and the excellent facilities at Columbus State University.”