C-SPAN Bus Visits Columbus State University

Students at Columbus State University took a break from studying for finals today to tour the C-SPAN bus. The bus, which is an interactive, multimedia mobile classroom, stopped at CSU's Department of Communication today, allowing students to learn more about C-SPAN's mission, operations, and internship program.

"I learned what the C-SPAN bus is all about. I learned that they aren't biased and that they have a lot of resources," said Dominique Hinson, a first-year student at CSU. "In fact, I am going to go on their website now to see what they have to help with my speech that is due for my communication class."

The C-SPAN bus travels the country to engage with community members and elected officials, showcasing C-SPAN's public affairs programming and resources. The all new, state-of-the-art customized motor coach stops at book festivals, high schools and universities to host students and teachers around the nation.

Today's stop at Columbus State University was coordinated by Bruce Getz, assistant professor of communication at CSU. "It is a unique opportunity that gives our students a chance to connect with communications professionals on a national scale," said Getz.

Visitors of the bus were able to get an inside look at C-SPAN's comprehensive educational and political resources. Information about C-SPAN's internship opportunities was also available.

"I love that they are coming out here and reaching out to us and informing us," said Tiffany Priskell, a junior theatre performance major.