Campus Forum, Candidate for Position of Int'l Education Director


The first candidate for the position of Fort Foundation Eminent Scholar and Executive Director of the Center for International Education will be on campus Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

We're scheduling two open forums, about 45 minutes each.

-- Wednesday, 6/14, 3 p.m. in the Library forum area
-- Thursday, 6/15, 9 a.m. in Frank Brown Hall 1301

Dr. Becky Becker is the first candidate. There will be no formal presentation other than introductions so that the time may be devoted to Q and A.

Please see Dr. Becker's Letter of Application and CV.

​If you can, please take this opportunity to meet our first candidate for this important position.

Patrick McHenry
Professor of English
Interim Associate Provost of Undergraduate Education
Columbus State University
Columbus, GA 31907