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Clearview Hall Meets Green Building Standards

Clearview Hall, Columbus State University’s newest student housing project, was awarded “Two Peaches” for meeting the requirements of the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Construction Act. Peaches are awarded as part of the Georgia Peach Green Building Rating System, which is designed to rate and recognize buildings owned or managed by the State of Georgia that optimize energy performance, increase the demand for materials and furnishings produced in Georgia, improve the environmental quality in the state, conserve energy, protect the state’s natural resources, and reduce the burden on the state’s water supply.

Kelly Wilson, director of maintenance and construction, and Mike Medlock, assistant vice president for facilities, received the award for CSU during the annual conference of the Georgia Association of State Facilities Administrators on April 25 at the Georgia Aquarium.

Clearview Hall opened last fall on CSU’s main campus. The $25 million, 121,000-square-foot building is home to 457 first-year students, four learning communities and one faculty-in-residence member.

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