Columbus State Debuts IT Innovation Center with Workshop

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Columbus State University is announcing an IT Innovation Center — an outgrowth of CSU’s information technology department designed to incubate innovative business ideas into profit-making enterprises.

The center officially launched Friday by hosting a Lean Six Sigma training workshop with Riverwood Associates, an Atlanta-based training and consulting firm that attracted more than 50 people. The session was designed to teach process improvement and led to a yellow belt certification in the Lean Six Sigma program. Lean Six Sigma is a statistically based managerial concept used by businesses to strea

[caption id="attachment_3007" align="alignright" width="300"]Abraham George, CSU's chief information technology officer, speaks to participants in Friday's Lean Six Sigma training workshop, presented by his new IT Innovation Center. Abraham George, CSU's chief information technology officer, speaks to participants in Friday's Lean Six Sigma training workshop, presented by his new IT Innovation Center at CSU.[/caption]

mline manufacturing and production processes.

Business process improvement is one of the services to be offered by the new IT Innovation Center, which will be administered under Columbus State’s University Information and Technology Services department.

“To start with, the IT Innovation Center will provide management and technology consulting to organizations looking for expertise in business intelligence, analytics, cyber security and analytics or mobile applications,” said Abraham George, the university’s chief information officer and leader of the new center. “We’re very excited about the potential for the new IT Innovation Center.”

George said about 70-80 percent of business intelligence projects fail for some reason. The IT Innovation Center wants to build upon the analytics experiences developed at Columbus State University — in partnership with some of the country’s leading IT companies — to help outside clients with “value-added management and technology consulting.”

“At the IT Innovation Center, as part of Columbus State University, we have immediate access to talented people with hundreds of years in combined expertise,” he said. “We can bring in experts in such diverse areas as business process management, data analytics, data source and warehousing, predictive analytics, Internet marketing technology, networking and data validation and testing regimens, to name a few.”

CSU President Tim Mescon said he hoped the IT Innovation Center turns into a viable entrepreneurship venture that aids students, CSU’s own IT employees and local businesses.

“This could be another great partnership example for Columbus State University,” Mescon said. “We want to be able to provide a niche service to businesses, give our students real-world experience and allow our experts to stay on the cutting-edge of today’s technology environment.”

The IT Innovation Center will concentrate on four areas initially:

  • Management Consulting and Leadership Development: In partnership with the university’s Continuing Education division, the IT Innovation Center will provide management consulting to clients in need of data-driven leadership and analytical services.

  • Business Intelligence (Advanced & Predictive Analytics): The IT Innovation Center provides educational institutions, local and state government agencies, insurance agencies, credit card industry, banking institutions and health care providers the ability to harness data and run their organizations better. CSU’s technology team has developed analytics for student retention, progression and graduation metrics that help students to succeed in their academic careers.

  • Mobile Application Development: Educational institutions, governments, insurance industries, medical services, entertainment companies and small businesses are a few entities that can take advantage of the center’s mobile app development.

  • Cyber Security Training and Consultation: The center can help with developing, evaluating and implementing cyber security policy, as well as conduct risk assessments and perform related testing to secure and optimize technology systems.


For more information about Columbus State University’s new IT Innovation Center, call 706-507-8010 or email