Columbus State Places 112 Student-Athletes on PBC Presidential Honor Roll

[caption id="attachment_5026" align="alignright" width="300"]Nicole Corcione Nicole Corcione[/caption]

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Peach Belt Conference announced its annual Presidential Honor Roll on Monday, with 112 Columbus State University student-athletes among the 1,607 student-athletes recognized.

The Presidential Honor Roll recognizes all student-athletes at the 14 PBC member institutions who had a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the academic year. The 1,607 student-athletes surpasses the old record of 1,448 set in 2013-14 and gives the Peach Belt 1,000 or more honorees for the sixth year in a row. Each student-athlete will receive a certificate from the conference office.

The honor roll has been divided into four groups: Presidential Scholars, Bronze Scholars, Silver Scholars and Gold Scholars. All student-athletes with a GPA from 3.0 to 3.24 are Presidential Scholars while Bronze Scholars are 3.25 to 3.49; Silver 3.50 to 3.74 and Gold Scholars are those with a 3.75 to 4.00.

Columbus State had 32 Gold Scholars, 28 Silver Scholars, 26 Bronze Scholars and 26 Presidential Scholars.

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The Lady Cougar soccer team led the way with 19 players on the Honor Roll. CSU softball (16), baseball (14), men’s cross country and track & field (13) and women’s cross country and track & field (13) each put double-digit student-athletes on the list as well.

Gold Scholars: Caden Ferguson, Jacob Dirkman, J.S. Fielding, McKenzie Fagioli, Nicole Corcione, Lindsey Law, Taylor Marks, Maylyn Parsons, Kelsey Pelletier, Chelsea Person, Shelby Rolling, Elena Preadca, Shelby Nelson, Kayla Parsons, Hunter Bowling, Kirsa Utech, Blake Edwards, Brianna Henthorn, Jalen Tolbert, Abigail Green, Martynas Zakaitis, Lee Anne Rees, Kaity Howard, Taylor Turner, Kristen Carr, Courtney Lowery, Rachel Dixon, Asha Alexander, Maciej Kierkus, Caleb Kutsche, Robert Mize, Meosha Hatcher.

Silver Scholars: Tim Thompson, Caitlyn Merritt, Lexus Houston, Renee Usher, Erin Morrow, Beatriz Leon, Sydney Barker, Jordan Villhauer, Dimitri Davis, Duncan Anderson, Marko Maksimovic, Andrea Skipor, Eryn Cochran, Hussen Saddik, Kelly Orck, Rebecca Calder, Colleen Gottfried, Ashley Asouzu, Christopher Miles, Olivia Ivings, Kia Smith, JaCori Payne, Samie Anderson, Rayna Green, Autumn Evilsizer, Jaccob Mobbs, Kailey Boone, Megan Frame.

[caption id="attachment_5028" align="alignright" width="300"]Blake Edwards Blake Edwards[/caption]

Bronze Scholars: Ariel Johnson, Benedikt Wilde, Taylor Woods, Emilee Leslie, Sabrina Rogers, Jorge Vargas, Shea Wilby, Jacob Boccucci, Michelle Mitchell, Danielle Brendel, Carson Bowers, Cordaryl Whitehead, Calli Star, Kyle Peals, Ivana Kazic, Mandy Janowitz, Zachary Benjamin, Rachel Rhodes, Stephanie Kolwicz, Marco Almorin, Ciera Bagley, Saravinder Pannu, Kaycee Meeks, Joey Lewis, Nathan Reeves, Tori Hood.

Presidential Scholars: Andi Larese, Sumer Culberson, Jackson Oliver, Kylie Beaubien, Kiana Perez, Tyler Sheffel, Alice Arnold, Jessica Siggers, Deandre Holmes, KJ Lee, Austin Collins, Ryan McFall, Kristin Rawlins, Claire Belay, Katie White, Heath Lamb, Dustin Averett, Ryan Ihle, Yannick Gumowski, BJ Battle, Shauna Griffin, James Slavik, Jocilyn Gilbert, Riley Presnell, Jack Stumpfig, Linette Cepeda.