Columbus State Students Meet Steve Wozniak

Columbus State University students had the rare opportunity to meet and discuss computer science, business, and life with Apple Co-founder Steve "The Woz" Wozniak. The private Q&A session - which was exclusive to current CSU students - provided a chance to learn from Apple Computer, Inc.'s Chief Scientist of Primary Data. "They had an extraordinary opportunity, and they seized it," said Columbus State University President Chris Markwood of the students who engaged in the Q&A. Student asked Wozniak more than a dozen questions with topics ranging from Apple's impact on the gaming industry to his partnership with Steve Jobs to the pranks he pulled on friends during college. One student, Chris Lovelock, who is an engineering and robotics teacher at Double Churches Middle School, even brought an Apple 2 computer and asked Wozniak to sign it. "Even though he is super successful, his number one goal in life is to be happy," said Hannah Turner, computer science major at Columbus State. "That really struck me." Wozniak, a pioneer in the personal computer revolution, was one of 10 speakers at the Jim Blanchard Leadership Form. In addition to the Q&A with Wozniak, current CSU students were also invited to watch the two-day event via live simulcast from University Hall.