Columbus State University and Leadership Columbus to Host Career and College Fair

Columbus State University and Leadership Columbus will host a Career and College Fair for at-risk youth in the Multipurpose Room at the Recreation Center on April 3 from 4 to 7 p.m.

Co-sponsored by Leadership Columbus, the event will serve youth who participate in Empowered Youth of Columbus (EYC). EYC is an out of school program founded by CSU’s Continuing & Professional Education that provides meaningful training and activities for students through a network of public and private partnerships. The EYC has been working through a Dream Catcher curriculum with youth at The Club (a teen center sponsored by Boys & Girls Club of the Chattahoochee Valley). The College & Career fair will capitalize on the investment that is being made for these youth through the curriculum.

“We want youth in our community, regardless of background or economic status, to be empowered with the knowledge that they can be successful as they move forward to college or to other avenues of their adult life,” says Kristin Barker, Senior Operations Manager in CSU’s Continuing & Professional Education department and a member of Leadership Columbus.

The goals for the fair are to:

  • Expose middle and high school youth in our community to the full array of opportunities that exist as they enter high school and graduate to pursue higher education and a career in adulthood

  • Encourage middle and high school youth in Columbus, GA to begin preparing for post high school opportunities

  • Introduce the youth to resources that will help them prepare for post high school opportunities

Thirty-four vendors consisting of area business, arts organizations, city departments, and institutions of higher education will attend the fair to share information and inspiration with the youth.

“We hope that many of these vendors can provide some type of interactive moment withthe kids,” says Scott Sullivan, another member of the Leadership Columbus group. “This would be something like health care workers taking blood pressure or a photographer taking a photo.We want to show the kids all of the opportunities available for them including employment in a variety of industries.”

The group organizing this event includes five professionals attending the 2018 Leadership Columbus class and six youth attending the 2018 Youth Leadership of Columbus.

Please direct questions regarding this event to Kristin Barker at 706-507-8327.