Columbus State University Enters Unique Pasaquan Partnership

KOHLER, Wis. — Kohler Foundation, Inc. of Kohler, Wis., known nationally for its preservation of art, art environments and supporting education initiatives, has announced plans to preserve Pasaquan, the colorful art environment created by Eddie Owens Martin, known as St. EOM, near Buena Vista, Georgia.

Upon completion, Pasaquan will be gifted to the Columbus State University Foundation for use by the university under the direction of Mike McFalls, a CSU associate professor of art. The university will breathe life into the site with events, programming and educational activities, as well as tours. CSU President Tim Mescon said he views this as “an effort that will have an indelible and positive impact on the region.”


“At seven acres of land and six vibrant buildings, this is one of the largest art environment preservation projects we have ever undertaken,” said Natalie Black Kohler, president of the Kohler Foundation. “Preservation of this site will ensure that future generations of artists and the public will be able to experience the varied facets of the property.”

Student assistants from CSU will work closely with art conservators, providing those students with a unique hands-on opportunity in art preservation and site management. Preservation work at Pasaquan is expected to begin in mid-May, take nearly two years to complete and will include structural work as well as object and painting conservation. Professional conservators from Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles, along with local trades people, will work to bring the site back to its former glory.

Pasaquan Artist

This is not the first time Kohler Foundation has teamed with a college or university to preserve an art environment. Kohler Foundation partnered with Nicholls State University in early 2000 to preserve the Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden in Chauvin, La., and  Edgewood College, in Madison Wis., has been actively involved in program and preservation initiatives at the Painted Forest site in Valton Wis., since 2004. In both cases, the educational institutions have creatively utilized the sites to offer retreats, community programs, classes, and special events.

About Kohler Foundation Inc.
Nationally known for its work with art environments, Kohler Foundation has preserved seven art environments in Wisconsin, plus the Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden in Chauvin, La.; Hartman Rock Garden in Springfield, Ohio; and the monumental Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kan. Most recently, Kohler Foundation has been involved with the Bernard Langlais estate in Cushing, Maine, a collaboration with Colby College. Gifts of art by Bernard Langlais have been made to 50 institutions in Maine, plus a selection of iconic wood sculptures will remain in situ, to be gifted to the Georges River Land Trust, creating a unique collaboration between art preservation and land conservation. To learn more about Kohler Foundation, visit