Columbus State University Joins National Effort to Stop Campus Sexual Assault

COLUMBUS, Ga. --- During Wednesday's meeting of the Columbus State University’s Student Government Association, Cougar Nation joined more than 37 other schools in the “It’s On Us” campaign, a nationwide movement aimed at keeping men and women safe from sexual assault on college campuses.

SGA President Tyler Davidson and CSU President Chris Markwood signed a resolution after it was read aloud during the student body’s bimonthly meeting held February 3.

“The ‘It’s On Us pledge’ is not only important for CSU students, but also for students across the nation,” said Davidson. “It’s important for all of us to participate in a conversation about sexual assault that isn’t popular or easy to talk about. But it is important that we do something about it.”

CSU also pledged its support by producing a video communicating “It’s On Us” core messages to encourage students, faculty and staff to make a personal commitment to stopping sexual assault. The video is available on CSU’s official YouTube channel at

To learn more about the It’s On Us campaign, visit