Columbus State University Police Unveil Revamped Bike Squad

[caption id="attachment_3096" align="alignright" width="300"]CSU Police Bike Squad officers visit with students during a summer orientation session. CSU Police Bike Squad officers visit with students during a summer orientation session.[/caption]

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Thanks to an infusion of new and refurbished bicycles, Columbus State University’s Police Department recently revived its Bike Squad, which now patrols both main and RiverPark campuses.

A select group of four University Police officers comprise the specially trained Bike Squad. Training includes advanced riding skills, negotiating stairs and other obstacles, offensive and defensive riding tactics and bicycle maintenance. Beyond both campuses, officers regularly patrol nearby areas popular with pedestrians and bicyclists such as the Riverwalk and the Columbus Fall Line Trace Rails-to-Trails path.

“I enjoy the opportunity to ride and think that it provides for interaction with the campus community on a whole new level,” said Christina Hester, a Bike Squad officer.

Several new bikes were recently purchased, old bikes were serviced and all were customized to fit officers who ride them. CSU Police enjoyed support from Columbus’ cycling community, even receiving a donated bike from The Bike Shop of Columbus.

Bike officers at CSU have demonstrated their value as a rapid response resource both for normal campus incidents and special events. A bicycle’s versatility makes it a valuable tool for police as it allows an officer to access areas of campus where a patrol car may not easily go. Bike officers perform the same tasks as other police officers, often focusing on pedestrian safety, enforcing bicycle and pedestrian laws, monitoring traffic in congested areas and observing targeted areas of campus.

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