Columbus State University Switching Web Addresses

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Columbus State University is officially switching its online address to be more user-friendly and will soon be found on the Web at

Educause, the organization that regulates .edu domains for colleges and universities, notified officials Tuesday that their change request has been granted. University Web programmers will now begin to move more than 130,000 Columbus State Web pages to the new address, a process that is expected to take at least six months. A new Web page will debut on Aug. 18.

“Our old domain,, was created at a time when Web addresses were supposed to be as short as possible,” said Jay Knape, Columbus State’s webmaster. “An organization’s website is now its most powerful communication and marketing tool, and today’s browsers remember addresses, allowing developers to use a Web address that makes more sense, even if it is a little longer.”

A committee of faculty, staff and students has been planning for the switch for months, trying to identify all the repercussions that come with such a change. For instance, all external organizations that currently link their websites to Columbus State University have to be notified that there is a new Web address.

The old Web address will continue to work for the next year. All visitors who go to will see a message that the university has switched Web addresses and be automatically directed to

“This new Web address will certainly help in the university’s efforts to expand its visibility,” said John Lester, who is charge of Columbus State’s marketing efforts. “We looked at a variety of different possibilities for a new address, but made the most sense. The old domain was very difficult to explain over the phone, and that name on its own doesn’t tell anyone who we are.”

Columbus State University Switching Web Addresses