Columbus State’s Schwob School of Music Moving Toward a “Conservatory” Model

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The University System Board of Regents Wednesday approved Columbus State University’s request to adjust the curriculum in its Schwob School of Music so the school can move toward a conservatory curriculum model, effective fall 2015.

Intended to allow flexibility for students to receive more academic credit for studio lessons and performances, the new model also allows the Schwob school to adjust other required university classes to focus specifically on music students. For example, the school can now offer a wellness class to help young musicians ensure they have a long and injury-free performing career.

“As a performance-oriented school of high standards, the Schwob School of Music already functions as a music conservatory within a state university, much like the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati and the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri—Kansas City,” said Scott Harris, director of CSU’s Schwob School of Music. “With extensive private support, a growing network of partner institutions, and the increasing internationalization of the student body, the Schwob School of Music is poised to be recognized as the premiere public institution of its size and scope in the country.”

Harris said this new program design will be an aid to students and aligns the school with national norms. The changes apply to the Bachelor of Music in Performance and the Bachelor of Music in Music Education degrees, and the move strengthens both the music education and the performance degrees the school offers, Harris said.

CSU Interim President Tom Hackett is excited about the change, which may sound subtle to some, but speaks volumes about the caliber of the school.

“The Schwob School of Music is essentially a conservatory now,” Hackett said. “Formalizing that label sends a message internationally that we are able to make that kind of a bold statement about the quality of the curriculum we offer.”