Columbus State’s UITS Teams to be Honored for Customer Service

[caption id="attachment_3277" align="alignright" width="300"]Andrew Turner Andrew Turner[/caption]

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Two teams of staff members from Columbus State University’s University Information & Technology Services (UITS) division are being recognized by the University System of Georgia for their exemplary service to students.

Andrew Turner, Computer Repair Shop Coordinator, and CSU’s Computer Repair Shop team area has been named as 2014 Service Excellence Award winner in the category of “The Chancellor’s Service Excellence Team of the Year Award.” Additionally, Casey Hergett, senior manager of infrastructure and database services, and the Telephone Cost Control Team, has been named an outstanding Service Excellence Award winner for 2014 in the category of ”the Chancellor’s Service Excellence Efficiency & Effective Improvement Initiative Team Award.”

UITS representatives will travel to Atlanta on Oct. 10 to learn what level award they won. Chancellor Hank Huckaby will personally recognize and celebrate the outstanding service excellence performance.

“We are extremely proud to have Andrew and Casey’s team recognized at the state level for their customer service and efficiency,” said Abraham George, Columbus State’s chief information officers. “They obviously exemplify the type of work and service we strive to provide.”

The teams were nominated for the Chancellor’s Outstanding Service Excellence Award based on their ability to adopt continuous-improvement methodology that emphasized student and/or employee satisfaction as well as quality of service. The efforts of both teams have resulted in improved satisfaction and student retention.

The Chancellor’s Service Excellence Awards were created to honor University System of Georgia employees that have gone “above and beyond” their normal job responsibilities.  The team efforts stand as a genuine example of service excellence – consistently exceeding the expectations of our constituents.  A note from the chancellor’s office said “We are proud of your service excellence efforts to make the University System of Georgia ‘United in Service and Quality.’”