Computer Science Colloquium Series “Hold Intruders Accountable” Wed, Sept-2-09 12:30 CCT 208 Refreshments will be served!!!

Computer Science Colloquium Series

Wednesday, 2nd September, 2009


CCT 208

“Hold Intruders Accountable”

The lecture will be given by Dr. Jinhua Yang. Dr. Yang has joined our department as an associate professor of Computer Science in fall 2009. His research interests are computer, network and information security. His present research focuses on stepping-stone intrusion detection and connection traceback. He has authored one book and 30 papers in his areas of interest.  Refreshments will be served!!!

Most computer intruders chain couple of compromised computers so as to hide themselves before launching attacks on a target computer. One way to stop such behaviors is to detect the intrusions first and prevent them from using compromised computers; another way is to trace the intrusions back. The former one is called stepping-stone detection, and the latter one is called stepping-stone prevention or connection traceback.

In this talk, Dr. Yang will summarize the approaches proposed to detect stepping-stone intrusion, and then focus on an approach he proposed: computing the length of an interactive TCP session. Finally he will talk about the project he is currently working with briefly, as well as his future research.