Computer Science Colloquium Series Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 12:30-1:15 CCT 208

Computer Science Colloquium Series

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009


CCT 208

“Automatic Evaluation of Open-ended Answers in a Question Answering System”

The lecture will be given by Dr. Muhammad Rahman. He is associate professor of Information Technology at Clayton State University. His research interest includes bioinformatics and machine learning. Refreshments will be served!!!

Open-ended answers are the responses to questions that allow for more than just one or two word response and where the respondent can respond in a variety of ways.  Automatic evaluation of such answers poses a great challenge since they require concept validation in a variable length text using natural language processing techniques.  Answer processing is an essential component of any Question-Answering (QA) system.  A significant body of research into the development of open-domain question-answering systems has focused into the automatic retrieval and ranking of documents containing potential answers from the web or from large text achieves.  Moreover, question or answer analysis in question-answering systems mostly focused on factoid questions and answers.  This research involves automatically evaluating answers to the class of open-ended questions such as describe, discuss, enumerate, distinguish, compare, etc. as oppose to the close-ended questions such as who, whom, which, where, and when.  In this talk I will discuss current advances in QA research and present details of our current work in developing a system that is designed to evaluate open-ended answer text by comparing with an answer-key, assign a score, and produce a feedback.