Computer Science Colloquium Series Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 12:30-1:15 CCT 208

Computer Science Colloquium Series

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009


CCT 208

“Towards Dynamic Data Driven Simulation for Wildfire Management”

The lecture will be given by Dr. Xiaolin Hu, is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia. His research interests include modelling and simulation theory and methodology, agent and multi-agent systems, and complex system simulations, including ecological, biological, and social systems. He is also an associate editor for /Simulation: Transaction of The Society for Modelling and Simulation International/.

The recent occurrence of catastrophic wildfires has highlighted the serious threat posed by fires to communities and ecosystems throughout the world. The complexity of wildfire management arises from the dynamic interactions and dependencies among multiple system components, including wildfire behavior prediction, real time data assimilation, and firefighting resource management. To achieve effective wildfire containment, decision-making support tools that integrate all these components are needed. In this talk, I will present an integrated simulation, optimization, and data assimilation framework for wildfire management. The framework uses simulation to predict fire spread behavior, stochastic optimization to compute optimal plans for firefighting resource deployment, and fire suppression simulation to evaluate the deployment plans as well as firefighting tactics. Dynamic data driven simulation is supported as the simulation systems continuously assimilate real time data for better analysis and prediction of wildfire behavior. I will give demonstration of wildfire spread and suppression simulations, and show how the dynamic data driven simulation can improve the simulation results.

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