Cougars Win Doughboy Classic

COLUMBUS, Ga. --- Columbus State University’s club football team defeated the Fort Benning Doughboys, 34-24 last night, Oct. 20, during the annual Doughboy Classic at Doughboy Stadium, Fort Benning.

"The team played very well last night," said CSU Head Coach Michael Speight. "We stuck together as a team when we faced adversity."

Doughboy Classic Win

The event helps build community between Columbus, CSU and Fort Benning.

An informal term for infantry men, the “Doughboys” were a community tradition for many years before the Classic began. The tradition eventually died out until six years ago, when Brigadier General Pete Jones restored the team and partnered with community supporter John Hargrove, who brought CSU and its club football team into the mix.

“It is a tradition with two teams battling it out on a field where many players before us have played with great honor and discipline,” said John Hall, defensive coordinator for the Cougars.

CSU’s football program is part of the National Club Football Association, a club football league of 25 teams from across the country. CSU competes in the South Atlantic Conference, which includes Middle Georgia State, Kennesaw State, University of North Carolina and UNC Greensboro.

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