CSU Adds Men’s Lacrosse and Equestrian Eventing Team

HorseCOLUMBUS, Ga. — Columbus State University Campus Recreation has officially added men’s lacrosse and equestrian eventing as club sports, making CSU one of only a few colleges in Georgia with these programs and strengthening CSU’s position as a first choice institution.

Lacrosse plays its first match on campus Saturday, Oct. 25 during Homecoming week. The game will be played on CSU’s intramural field off University Avenue, between the Center for International Education and the Courtyard I student housing complex.

LacrosseOfficials have capitalized on the newest club sports by recruiting 33 student athletes from across the world and two new coaches, Brendan Bonacum as the lacrosse coach and Werner Geven as the equestrian eventing coach. Bonacum is a former lacrosse standout at Dominican College of Blauvelt, NY, and Geven has earned his bronze, silver, and gold medals with the United States Dressage Federation.

“We want very diverse programs on our campus” said Chip Reese, assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of students. “These athletes bring ideas that challenge us and improve the entire institution.” He believes the lacrosse and equestrian eventing programs, along with club football, will enhance recruiting and broaden the branding and marketing of CSU.

Although club sports aren’t considered varsity teams by NCAA standards, CSU’s club teams have the opportunity to play club team counterparts from other schools and, occasionally, face “second team” varsity squads.

Lacrosse originated as a team sport played by Native Americans. Today, players score by shooting a small rubber ball into an opponent’s goal on a 110-yard field, using lacrosse sticks to catch, carry and pass the ball en route to the goal. Defensive moves include “stick checking” and can include body contact or positioning.

Equestrian eventing is a triathlon that involves working with a horse both on the flat and over fences. The three phases are: dressage, endurance (or cross-country), and show jumping. Eventing has now evolved into an exciting sport attracting interest from all levels of sports enthusiasts, from weekend hobby riders to professional international stars.

"We want people to be excited,” said Bonacum, the men’s lacrosse coach. He wants the CSU community to understand what lacrosse is all about and invites students who are interested in learning how to play to practice and learn from the team. Students interested in equestrian eventing are also welcome to participate by serving as volunteers for the events or assisting with the horses.

Lacrosse and equestrian eventing are student-funded programs that thrive on the ongoing financial assistance of the Columbus community. Tax-deductible donations can be made through the University Foundation at http://alumni.columbusstate.edu.

For more information on the lacrosse and equestrian eventing programs, visit http://campusrec.columbusstate.edu or call 706-507-8650.