CSU Alumna’s Play Debuts This Summer

While a student at CSU, Kimberly Belflower, a 2009 CSU Department of Theatre alumnae, became inspired to write a coming-of-age exploration entitled Lost Girl. In July 2018, Lost Girl debuts in a world premiere presented by the Professional Training Institute 2017-18 Company at the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre in Wisconsin.

Lost Girl is a continuation of what could have happened to Wendy from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. Belflow said the seed was planted when she reread Peter Pan in college.  “What happened to Wendy Darling after she returned home from Neverland?” she said. “I couldn’t stop thinking about what Wendy would be like at my age. I was a student at CSU, and my heart had just been badly broken for the first time. My friend Sarah told me I had Wendy Darling Syndrome. “You’re always trying to save the little Lost Boys,” she explained, which felt uncomfortably true… If Peter Pan stands for all the boys who won’t grow up, Wendy Darling stands for all the girls who have to and all the pain that goes along with it.”

Belflower, who recently started a writing job with Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico, said, “CSU provided me with a well-rounded theatrical education that has informed everything I’ve done since.”

Currently, she’s on the narrative team for Meow Wolf, creating new fantastical worlds for exhibits opening in Vegas and Denver. She’s also working on a commissioned play with the Farm Theatre in New York, which has an annual commissioning program that pairs early-career playwrights with colleges across the country to develop new plays.