CSU Associate Dean Speaks on Assessment at State Conference

Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, Columbus State University Professor and Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation, was recently an invited assessment expert at the 2017 Georgia Professional Standards Commission Certification and Program Officials Conference at Middle Georgia State University in Macon.

Dr.  Miller, along with Dr. Susan Hagood of Thomas University, were invited guests selected to speak about the use of state provided valid and reliable assessments. They addressed questions on how Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) data can be used to inform programs and enable candidates to inform induction.

Dr. Miller explained specifically how CSU allowed GACE access to all program coordinators and chairs, so they can monitor their department and program GACE data by test date, sub-test areas, and summary data. This process allows program coordinators to monitor the program subarea scores in GACE Test Level Summary Statistics for continuous program improvement.

“This is a very powerful tool,” said Dr. Miller. “For example: If the program average percentage correct begins to decline, for instance, the program percentage drops in, let’s say Early Childhood Education, Mathematics, Subarea I in “Understands and Applies Knowledge of Counting and Cardinality,” targeted adjustments can be made to improve the program.”

The GACE Program Admissions Assessment is used by CSU’s educator preparation initial certification programs to help ensure that applicants can read, write, and compute.  GACE Content assessments are intended to validate the program graduates’ level of content knowledge. The GACE Ethics assessment assists teachers and educational leaders to become familiar with, understand, and apply the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators, as well as comprehend and embrace the principles of ethical decision-making in an educational context (ETS, 2017).