CSU Captures Seismic Record of Haiti Earthquake

COLUMBUS, Ga. - Columbus State’s seismic monitoring station at the university's Coca-Cola Space Science Center in downtown Columbus recorded Tuesday's 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the Haiti.

“This is the strongest quake reading we’ve recorded since the station was installed last summer,' said professor Shawn Cruzen, executive director of CSU’s Coca-Cola Space Science Center.

The system, based on a shoe box-size seismometer that's interfaced with a computer, is used solely for local educational purposes but eventually will be linked to a network used by researchers nationwide.

The recorded seismograph reading of the Haiti earthquake will be made available by

this afternoon to the public from the space science center Web site, http://www.ccssc.org.


“Anyone at any time can link to the monitoring station to monitor live seismic activity,' Cruzen said.