CSU Choral Ensemble To Perform At Carnegie Hall Sunday

A choral ensemble representing Columbus State University will give a 2 p.m. 'main event' performance at New York City's Carnegie Hall this Sunday (4/18).

The ensemble, under the baton of Professor Michael Marcades, combines the University Singers and CSU Chorale which auditioned and was selected for the performance. The concert is part of the 'Mid America Ensemble Spotlight Series' that draws choral music fans from greater New York and professional reviews in the print media.

Marcades said it's rare for a university to be awarded this type of solo, main-event performance. 'We're very excited about it. It's an incredible opportunity to represent CSU.'

Departure takes place at 7 a.m. Thursday from CSU's Schwob School of Music home at the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts. Joining the artists for the trip will be a contingent of CSU alumni and supporters who are members and guests of the CSU Patrons of Music and GetAway Club.

Following their solo performance, the CSU choristers will join peer ensembles from throughout the United States for a mass-choir performance.

Originally, only Marcades was tabbed to guest-conduct a mass choir performance. Terre Johnson, conductor-in-residence for MidAmerica Productions (a Carnegie Hall booking agency), was part of a committee that selected Marcades. 'I have the privilege of identifying our nation's most excellent conductors and offering them the opportunity to perform in our nation's greatest concert hall. I have been aware of the excellent musical work of Michael Marcades for many years,' Johnson said.

However, Marcades extended his invitation by arranging for a successful audition that enabled his singers to join him. The University Singers is comprised of CSU music majors while the CSU Chorale combines both CSU students and off-campus community vocalists who successfully auditioned for the ensemble.

Marcades joined the CSU faculty in 2001 after serving on the Texas Tech University faculty and as an associate pastor of music and fine arts at Second Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. In 1998, he prepared that church's adult choir for the same Carnegie Hall series for which he is returning.


Contact: Michael Marcades, (706) 649-7371 or by e-mail at marcades_Michael@ColumbusState.edu