CSU Coach Named 2019 Coach of the Year

Evan Isaacs, CSU tennis coach, was named Coach of the Year for this year by the United States Professional Tennis Association. Both of Coach Isaacs’ 2018 CSU tennis campaigns were successful as he led the women’s tennis team through a 26-5 season and NCAA Tournament Semi-finals berth and led the men’s team through a 28-3 season to a National Championship.

“This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the hard work and dedication from my former players and all of my assistants throughout the years, as well as the support and trust given to me by my loving family, the university and Columbus community,” said Coach Isaacs. “I hope we can continue to give joy back to this wonderful community of ours.”

“This award is a tremendous recognition of Coach Isaacs and the outstanding tennis program that has been developed under his leadership,” said CSU Athletic Director Todd Reeser. “Truly, great recognition for Columbus State University!”