CSU -Coached Schley Students to Appear Before Legislators

COLUMBUS, Ga. - Students in teacher Joyce Owsleys Schley County High School physics class will venture to Atlanta on Tuesday, Jan. 23 to demonstrate their classroom technology expertise for members of the Georgia Legislature.

Staff from Columbus State Universitys Educational Technology Training Center have prepared the students and will accompany them to the event, marking Capitol Tech Day at the State Capitol Building.

The Schley students, with Owsley, will join peers from 13 other Georgia schools for the occasion. CSU has specially invited west-central Georgia members of the General Assembly to attend and meet and greet the students.

The event is a collaborative venture of Georgias 13 Educational Technology Training Centers, an outreach of the Georgia Department of Education, and their partner schools.

Schley County High School is a partner of the CSU ETTC, which is housed in the Center for Quality Teaching and Learning in the universitys Cunningham Center for Leadership Development.

In its third year, Capitol Tech is reserved for teachers and students who demonstrate exemplary applications of technology to teaching and learning.

The Schley team will demonstrate the positive role technology is playing in Georgias public schools. Applications include Web sites that help other students resolve curricular issues, multimedia projects demonstrating an understanding of curricular areas, and projects in which students collaborate with teachers to produce lessons that effectively infuse technology into the teaching and learning process.

For more information, contact Beth Holmes, director of CSUs Center for Quality Teaching and Learning at 706-565-3645 or send an e-mail to holmes_elizabeth@ColumbusState.edu.