CSU Considered For Grammy Awards Nomination

COLUMBUS, GA. Columbus State Universitys Wind Ensemble is represented four times in two different categories to be considered as nominees for the 2005 Grammy Awards, the recording industrys most prestigious award.

The ensembles Journey and Wind Legacy CDs were submitted for 'Best Orchestral Performance,' as was the Schoenberg composition Theme & Variations from the Wind Legacy CD. In the category of Best Small Ensemble Performance, Martinus Concertino from the Journey CD is listed among the hopefuls.

In each category, the recordings by CSU Schwob School of Music students are up against professional orchestras from around the world, so there are few expectations of making the final five Grammy nominees, but even making it into the nomination pool for the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences 47th Grammy Awards is an achievement, said Robert Rumbelow, a CSU Schwob School of Music professor who conducts the Wind Ensemble.

The membership of the recording academy is currently voting from this set of screened nominee entries to see which five in each category will go to the actual Grammy ceremonies. This is a unique opportunity for music critics and other music executives throughout the country to hear about CSU and the Schwob School of Music, Rumbelow said.

To reach this point as a member of the nomination pool, the ensembles recordings first had to be entered by a voting member of the academy (Summit in CSUs case), then screened by a committee of peers from the recording academy. Those approved by the committee become long-list nominations and appear on the list for the full membership of the recording academy to vote on for the final five nominations per category.

We have been nominated four times in two categories, and the list represents select recordings and recording projects released this past year, Rumbelow said. So, indeed I am a gain proud of our students and our entire music faculty. Such attention is a continuing testament to the level of faculty and student talent throughout the school of music.

Both CDs are available through major music stores, but can be purchased directly from CSUs Schwob School of Music for $10 while supplies last. Order forms are available online at http://music.colstate.edu


Contact: Robert Rumbelow: 649-7252; E-mail: rumbelow_robert@ColumbusState.edu