CSU Cost-Savings Efforts Show Significant Savings

Upgrading equipment, improving lighting, and other efficiency changes at Columbus State University over the last six years have saved CSU almost $117,000 in energy costs, Georgia Power has computed.

Since 2011, CSU has partnered with Georgia Power on 60 different energy projects, resulting in a cost-savings that range from as little as $15 in one project to almost $17,000 in another project.  The total kilowatt hours saved adds up to almost 3 million, for a total Georgia Power rebate of $116,972.

“This has been a deliberate effort that we can now see really adds up,” said Tom Helton, vice president for business and finance. “Our partnership with Georgia Power has provided the needed funding to make these projects possible.”

Some of the cost-saving efforts included upgrading mechanical equipment and improving interior and exterior lighting.

Mike Medlock, assistant vice president for facilities, said the university’s energy-efficiency efforts were boosted in 2009 when CSU received $1.7 million from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

“These funds were used in three buildings we consider energy hogs,” Medlock said. “We were required to show an energy savings over five years from any funds spent from AARA.  When we were able to do that, Georgia Power saw our success and included us in their Commercial Energy Efficiency Program.”