CSU Department of Art presents "It All Started With a Dripping Barn Roof: Artworks That Investigate the Significance of Providence Canyon as History, Place and Metaphor"

It All Started With a Dripping Barn Roof is an exhibition of works produced by the studio art class Art & Activism: Discovery of Use, taught this semester by Columbus State University visiting artists Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris. The class focused on Providence Canyon, a state park revered for its “natural beauty” that at the same time serves as a visible monument to the effects of bad soil conservation practices.

Students received various perspectives on the canyon from CSU professors in geology (Clint Barineau) and history (Amanda Rees), as well as local historians. In response to these perspectives and multiple visits to the park near Lumpkin, Ga., the students conducted independent research projects and aesthetic experiments that culminated in the works on exhibit in this show.

Individually quirky, exploratory, personal and expressive, these works form in the aggregate a distinct and unusual body of knowledge regarding the canyon.  The development of the work has been catalogued on a website and will be documented in an independently produced “blurb book,” thereby constituting a peculiar archive that contributes to the general knowledge about the canyon. In addition to the student work, the show will also feature new work by Sayler/Morris on Providence Canyon, also made during the class.

The exhibition will be on view April 26-May 7 at the University Gallery in University Hall on Columbus State's main campus.