CSU Earth and Space Science Students, Faculty Present at Conference

Students and faculty in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences recently presented the results of seven different research projects at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, Southeastern Section in Charleston, SC.

The annual meeting attracts hundreds of academic and industry geoscientists, as well as geoscience students from across the southeastern U.S., in addition to a significant number of national and international attendees. Three faculty and six ESS students made both oral and poster presentations during the two-day conference.

Below is a list of projects and presenters.

ESS Geology alumnus Chance Seckinger and Assistant Professor of Geology Dr. Diana Ortega-Ariza - "Porosity and Permeability Trends from Reservoir Analog Miocene (Puerto Rico), Pennsylvanian (Kansas), and Mississippian (Alabama) Carbonate Rocks"

ESS Geology alumna Natalie Halford and ESS Professor of Geology Dr. Clint Barineau - "The Search for Impact Features in Proposed Target Rocks of the "Woodbury" Structure in the Pine Mountain Belt of Southwestern Georgia".

ESS Geosciences graduate students Jasmine Truitt and Coral Torres, along with ESS geology faculty Dr. Diana Ortega-Ariza and Dr. Clint Barineau - "Paleorelief on the Upper Cretaceous Coastal Plain Unconformity in Eastern Alabama and Western Georgia".

" ESS Astrophysics and Planetary Geology students Ivy Do and Sara Lowery, along with faculty advisor Dr. Clint Barineau, - "Rf/φ Analysis on Rocks of the Austell Gneiss and New Georgia Group in Proximity to the Brevard Fault Zone: Implications for the Deformation History of the Eastern Blue Ridge in Georgia"

ESS Astrophysics and Planetary Geology students Sara Lowery and Ivy Do, along with faculty advisor Dr. Clint Barineau - "Rf/Phi Analysis on the Kowaliga Gneiss: Implications for the Brevard Zone in the Eastern Blue Ridge of Alabama".

Dr. David Schwimmer, ESS Professor of Geology - "Vertebrate Bites and Scats in Marine Cretaceous Deposits: Information from Extant Teeth, Muscles, Guts and Sphincters".

Dr. Clint Barineau, ESS Professor of Geology, along with colleague Dr. Jim Tull of Florida State University - "The Wedowee-Emuckfaw-Dahlonega Basin and Dadeville Complex: Implications for the Brevard Zone of Alabama and Georgia."