CSU Economist Named to Scientific Committee of Academic Journal

CSU Turner College of Business economics professor, Frank Mixon, has been appointed to the scientific committee of the Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice.

JPFPC is widely considered to rank second among academic journals in the sub-field of public choice economics,” said Mixon. “This is a nice validation of the research program that I have developed over the years.”

In addition to being appointed to the scientific committee, Mixon’s article, co-authored with Shaw Bridges of Gettysburg College, will be published in the JPFPC in April. Titled “The Lighthouse in Economics: Colonial America’s Experience,” the article analyzes New England lighthouses and their funding sources.

The JPFPC, which has been in print for about 35 years, is edited by Emma Galli of the University of Rome in Italy and published by Bristol University Press in the United Kingdom.