CSU Education Faculty Team Makes LiveText Presentation in Chicago

COLUMBUS, Ga. — A team of Columbus State University education professors recently presented at a Chicago conference their success with LiveText software that’s used to evaluate student teachers as well as other educators on whether or not they measure up to accreditation standards.

The professors from CSU’s College of Education and Health Professions — Sallie Miller, Thomas McCormack, Erinn Bentley, and LiveText Coordinator Saoussan Maarouf — won praise for their presentation, “Stakeholders’ Perspectives for the CSU LiveText Initiative: There are Many Moving Parts,” at the 2014 LiveText Assessment and Collaborative Conference Session in Chicago. The evaluators called their presentation “most insightful.”

LiveText has allowed CSU’s COEHP to streamline its assessment process and collect information used for improving curriculum and providing concrete evidence to the university’s accrediting agencies. So pleased with its results for what now will be the third year using it, Miller leapt at the chance to present its merits to peers — especially as it relates to pulling together data for accreditation.

“The reason our programs exist is because of our student learning outcomes,” said Miller, COEHP’s associate dean for assessment and accreditation. “So we’ve got to be able to say we are achieving these (goals) and that they are aligned with national and state standards. This is how they’re connected. We have all the data readily available for our accrediting bodies to review. And a significant amount of the data is or will be housed in LiveText — especially the defensible data.”

During the presentation, the team presented a range of stakeholder perspectives. Miller presented the assessment scheme as it related to LiveText and the requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the regional accrediting body for higher education institutions across the South.

McCormack, chair of CSU’s Department of Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership, shared how the college assessment scheme connects to his department and faculty. Bentley, CSU’s associate chair for teacher education, shared her perspective on faculty experiences and issues. And Maarouf shared her perspective on interactions with faculty while they’re trained in using LiveText.

Miller said her college has one full year of data in one of four departments. Now going into its third year of use, Miller is pleased with the results.

“It’s working very well for us,” Miller said. “It’s going to play a really big part in protecting our programs because we will have documented rationale statements supporting the programs’ critical assessments which are aligned with the program student outcomes and other standards. The LiveText system helps us as far as storing this information and retrieving it.”

That’s especially important during accreditation and re-accreditation because faculty and administrators are able to save a lot of time collecting and reporting course and program-level assessment data. They are able to tag outcome and accreditation standards to grading rubrics, allowing them to monitor and report on assessment data over time.

“We use it daily — especially when our supervisors are out in the field, and with our cooperating teachers,” Miller said. “They’re constantly inputting data on how our students are performing.”

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