CSU Hosts River Fellow Visiting Artist

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Californian Mathew Zefeldt, an artist whose paintings, according to a recent published review, “exhibit an exciting sense of exploration,” is Columbus State University’s most recent River Fellow Visiting Artist. artwork

The summer residency program, in its second year, is designed to expose CSU art students and community art enthusiasts to new professionals, while helping these artists launch their careers.

Zefeldt, a 2011 MFA studio art graduate from the University of California-Davis, is a July 8-31 guest of CSU’s Department of Art. As a River Fellow, he is researching, creating a new body of work, collaborating with CSU students and professor Orion Wertz, and delivering a free public lecture, at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, July 13 in the Corn Center for the Visual Arts, room 178.

Hannah Israel, CSU art professor and gallery director, said the subjects in Zefeldt’s work function as alter egos for the self. “He uses fantastic illustrations of heaps of paint, objects covered in paint, cross sections of imaginary impasto paintings and figures that are altered in a painterly abstraction,” she said. “He is interested in connecting the thin line between fiction and nonfiction to create an alternate fantastic reality.”

According to Sacramento Midtown, "Zefeldt’s art has an exciting sense of exploration that only exists in the work of artists who make work constantly, and then use their own archive as a main inspiration. One can almost watch Zefeldt’s thought processes play themselves out in each successive canvas.”

The River Fellow Program also is supported by CSU’s College of the Arts, CSU’s Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians and the Illges Foundation. For more information, call the art department at 706-507-8300.


Image: Mathew Zefeldt’s Matter 2, acrylic canvass, 2011