CSU Offers 12 of This Year’s Top 20 Most Valuable Degrees

Columbus State University offers 12 of this year’s most sought-after degrees. Out of them, two are the utmost desired degrees of 2019 (according to RezScore).

The top two degrees of 2019 are Computer Science and Business Administration. The other 10 CSU offers are Accounting, Finance, Economics, Information Technology, Business, Business Management, Management, Information Systems, English, and Mathematics.

“A recent College Salary Report by Payscale shows that Computer Science Degrees offer the highest paying initial salaries for new graduates,” states Linda Hadley, Dean of the Turner College of Business. “Graduates with Computer Science degrees think they should make $59,303, but earn $68,800, on average.”

“According to the New York Fed, the unemployment rate for recent Business Administration graduates is 3.7%, which is lower than the national average for all majors,” states Hadley. “The skills learned in a BBA program are applicable in nearly any industry, thus giving graduates flexibility in their job searches.”

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