CSU Police Arrest Drug-Trafficking Suspect on RiverPark Campus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Columbus State University police arrested a 24-year-old non-student on five drug-related charges on its RiverPark Campus late Thursday, seizing more than three ounces of marijuana, other suspected drugs and paraphernalia.

Kevin Scott Lauer of 1535 Ridge Creek Way, Columbus, was scheduled to appear in Recorder’s Court Saturday morning on charges of distribution of marijuana, trafficking of psilocybin, tampering with evidence, possession of drug-related objects and obstruction of a police officer.

“This arrest stemmed from our efforts to combat drug use and sale in downtown Columbus, and we look to continue this increased presence on and around our campus,” University Police Chief Rus Drew said.

CSU Police Cpl. Andrew Splawn was conducting surveillance of CSU’s Dillingham Place parking lot at 11 9th St., at about 11:30 p.m., when he observed Lauer and another male get into a 2007 silver Toyota Camry. Approaching the car, officers detected the odor of burning marijuana and, making contact with Lauer, noticed the remnants of several marijuana joints in an ashtray. Police reported Lauer immediately grabbed the items and attempted to swallow them.

An altercation ensued between Lauer and police, and he was taken into custody. A search of Lauer’s car yielded more than three ounces of marijuana, about a quarter of an ounce of psilocybin mushrooms, a digital scale, rolling papers, plastic baggies and $517 in cash.

The search also led to the seizure of several suspected hallucinogenic, or narcotic, drugs. Two of the substances were labeled “Molly Rancher” and are believed to be medical marijuana. Two other crystalline substances were in baggies labeled “Black Berry” and “Chernobyl.” Seven gummy candies wrapped in aluminum foil are suspected to be laced with a controlled substance. The suspected drugs were sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Regional Crime Lab in Columbus for additional testing.

University Police recently expanded its overall presence in downtown Columbus in response to reports of increased drug use and violence at nightclubs near CSU’s RiverPark Campus, Drew said. Patrons of several clubs are known to use CSU’s Dillingham Place parking lot after evening classes end.

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Photos: Kevin Scott Lauer | Items seized in Lauer's arrest.