CSU Police Seek Assistance Identifying Person of Interest

The Columbus State University Police Department is looking to the community for assistance in identifying an individual shown in a set of photographs/videos. The individual is a person of interest in a theft and financial card fraud case on campus. If you have any information regarding this individual, or you see him on campus, please contact CSU Police immediately at (706) 507-8911. Please share these photographs/videos and contact Detective Gillette if you have any information.

While efforts have been made to mitigate and minimize incidents on campus, some crimes do occur. CSU Police would like to take the time to remind the campus community to be vigilant regarding the security of their personal property. To aid in this effort, the campus community is encouraged to follow these tips:

  • Don’t leave your property unattended, even if just for a moment.

  • Be sure to lock doors and windows for your dorm, office, or vehicle.

  • Don’t provide access to facilities for persons you don’t know.

  • Be sure to have a record of your personal property, including, the make, model, and serial number.

  • Don’t leave anything in plain sight within your vehicle that could be appealing to a thief, instead, secure these valuables in the trunk or other compartment.

  • Be sure to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities.