CSU President Announces Retirement, Effective June 30, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. --- Columbus State University President Frank Brown announced today to CSU faculty and staff that he would be retiring next year on June 30.

FrankBrown, already the longest-serving president in the University System of Georgia, has been at CSU since 1981 and has been president since Jan. 14, 1988.

He made the announcement at the university’s annual welcome-back luncheon and service awards ceremony. About 600 people in attendance gave Brown a 30-second standing ovation at the conclusion of his remarks.

His comments echoed a letter he is sending to all faculty and staff that reads:

“Dear members of the CSU Family,

“I send this message with truly mixed feelings. When I came to work with you over 26 years ago, little did I know that I would find such friends and co-workers as I have found here. Columbus State University and all of you have come to be very close to my heart as we have worked together, in a true labor of love. Through good and not so good times, our respect and appreciation for each other sustained us.

“For almost 20 years now, you have allowed me to serve as your president. Never could I have imagined the shared vision and singleness of purpose we have found together. The college which some us found when we arrived has matured and has been transformed with your guidance and hard work. I thank you for letting me be a member of your team!

“I have notified the chancellor of the University System that I plan to retire on June 30, 2008, at the end of the current fiscal year. It is my sincere hope that the new president will be selected and available to begin work at that time.

“It is inevitable that, sooner or later, we all must step down and I take this action with great confidence in you and your abilities. Our university is in a good position to advance and achieve even greater successes in the future. My plans do not take me far away, and I will always be ready to serve Columbus State in any way the new administration desires. My heart is in this place.

“We will have time to say our farewells, of course, but over these next few months we still have work to do. There will always be challenges and opportunities facing us and this last year of our time together will be no exception. I ask you now to work with me to make this next year the best ever!

“My best wishes,

“Frank Brown”