CSU President Calls new Strategic Plan a `Blueprint for Action’

Strategic Plan 2013-2018COLUMBUS, Ga. – Columbus State University today unveiled a new strategic plan that’s the culmination of more than a year’s work and expected to guide CSU priorities through 2018.

“This a blueprint for action,” CSU President Tim Mescon told an audience of more than 500 attending a faculty-staff welcome event that precedes Monday’s start of classes.

CSU employees all received copies of a 20-page booklet outlining the plan at a campuswide luncheon following Mescon’s comments.

Led by Tom Hackett, CSU provost and vice president for academic affairs, and Gina Sheeks, vice president for student affairs, a committee of 24 faculty and staff had been working on the plan since spring 2012. The committee held about 20 forums to collect input from various campus and off-campus stakeholders. Opinions that helped form a SWOT analysis – focusing on CSU’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – were recorded at the forums and via online and paper surveys.

The “vision statement” that evolved as a leading element of the plan reads, “Columbus State University strives to be a first-choice institution for discerning students who seek challenging programs, engaged faculty and a vibrant, globally connected campus culture.” (The “first choice” reference evolves from an award-winning advertising campaign the university launched in 2011.)

The plan’s “mission statement” reads, “We empower people to contribute to the advancement of our local and global communities through an emphasis on excellence in teaching and research, life-long learning, cultural enrichment, public-private partnerships and service to others.”

The six core values identified as crucial to that mission are excellence, engagement, creativity, servant leadership, inclusion and sustainability.

Nearly 50 specific strategies were recommended by the plan to achieve six priorities. Nearly 20 benchmark measures were identified to track progress toward achieving progress pertaining to those priorities.

For more specifics on the plan, visit ColumbusState.edu/strategicplan.

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