CSU Professor and Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller Presented Research at the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators (GATE) 2018 Annual Conference

**Dean Gnecco's Comments on the Professional Development and Dispositions Assessment (PBDA)**

Dr. Donald Gnecco, Dean, School of Education at Piedmont College stated, "We at Piedmont College have replaced our Professional Dispositions rubric with the PBDA because it was developed utilizing data from both Education Program Providers and Georgia school districts and has content validity."

"The School of Education at Piedmont College has adapted [i.e., changed "teacher candidate" to "candidate"] the PBDA for use in our proposed Tier II program in School Leadership. We believe that the fourteen elements align with our program goals and outcomes and will assist candidates, mentors, and college faculty with accurately assessing educators' dispositions for assuming roles as school leaders."

**Presentation Summary**

Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, Professor and Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation presented at the 2018 Georgia Association of Teacher Educators (GATE), October 11, 2018, Unicoi State Park and Lodge, Helen Georgia. The session focused on a collaboratively created Professional Behaviors and Dispositions Assessment (PBDA), a carefully crafted assessment to measure the professional behaviors and dispositions for teacher candidates as well as new classroom teachers.

Dr. Miller explained the rationale for and development of the PBDA as threefold: 1) teacher candidates need explicit and systematic instruction to support them in becoming professional educators, a developmental process, 2) educator preparation providers need a valid and reliable assessment to measure teacher candidates' professional behaviors and dispositions appropriately, and 3) school systems need and want teachers who can perform their duties in ways that meet the systems' expectations for professional behaviors and dispositions.

The PBDA is founded on a study of school district hiring reference forms' criteria that suggested an assessment based on what schools look for when hiring new teachers. In addition to criteria from state hiring reference forms, seven additional criteria identified from educator preparation providers were examined and included in the PBDA. Content validity was established using three different validity studies.

**Publications: Overview of the Entire Project**

The development and implementation process of the PBDA can be accessed in the following GATEways Journal Publications.

The Development and Implementation of the Professional Behaviors and Dispositions Assessment (PBDA) https://issuu.com/gaate/docs/gateways_2018__volume_28__issue_2_

What Schools Look for When Hiring New Teachers: An Examination of Dispositions Statements on Hiring Reference Forms https://issuu.com/gaate/docs/gateways_fall_2016