CSU Recognizes Students, Faculty with Highest Academic Awards

Columbus State University held its 2019 Scholastic Honors Convocation on Friday in University Hall. The annual event recognizes those students who receive the highest academic awards at the university.

Dr. Uma Sridharan, professor of Accounting & Finance, was named CSU's 2018-2019 Educator of the Year, a recognition awarded by the Student Government Association and based on student body nominations. The Faculty Cup, the highest award granted to a CSU student, went to Cherish Jordan. Christopher Lane received the Academic Recognition Award, presented on behalf of the Georgia General Assembly. Below is a list of all other awards.


Department of Art: Amber Edmond

Department of Communication: Kimberly Clark

Schwob School of Music: Jonas Lonzanida

Department of Theatre: Alyssa Cooper

Department of Accounting & Finance: Julissa Santoyo

Department of Management & Marketing: Gabrielle Chan

TSYS School of Computer Science: Gabriel Bello

Department of Counseling, Foundations & Leadership: Shereen Khouri

Department of Teacher Education: Brianna Dent

Department of Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science (Health & Physical Education): Kristin Studds

Department of Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science (Health Science): Drew Fidler

Department of Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science (Exercise Science): Kimberly Jackson

School of Nursing: Aaliyah Yarbrough

Department of Criminal Justice & Sociology (Criminology): Rebekah Cummings

Department of Criminal Justice & Sociology (Sociology): Erin Horan

Department of English: Steven Reynolds

Department of History & Geography (History): Meredith Donovan

Department of History & Geography (Geography): Micah Arnholt

Department of Modern & Classical Languages: Lesther Orellana

Department of Politics, Philosophy & Public Administration Catherine Davidson

Department of Biology: Cherish Jordan

Department of Biology (M.S. Natural Sciences - Biology Track): Rachel Pearson

Department of Chemistry : Tracee Guthrie

Department of Chemistry (M.S. Natural Sciences - Chemistry Track): John Davis Gary

Department of Earth & Space Sciences: Ivy Do

Department of Earth & Space Sciences (M.S. Natural Sciences - Geo-Science Track): Jason Neale

Department of Earth & Space Sciences (M.S. Natural Sciences - Environmental Science Track: Brice Lawley

Dapartment of Mathematics: Bao Do

Department of Psychology: Madison Harris


Honors College

Interdisciplinary Studies Award: Elijah Neundorfer

Scholarly Activities in Fine & Performing Arts Award: Joshua Richmond

Scholarly Activities in Humanities Award: Jacquelyn Hutchinson

Scholarly Activities in Professional Studies Award: Gabriel Bello

Scholarly Activities in Science Award: Zijie Lin

Scholarly Activities in Social Science Award: Stephanie Clarke

College of the Arts B.A. Studio Art Award: Tyler Hiroms

B.F.A. Studio Art Award: Yun Praught

Art History Award: Amber Edmond

Art Education (Undergraduate) Award: Kasey Powell

Art Education (Graduate) Award: Laszlo Olah

Communication Award: Hannah Holland

Senior Music Award: Ying Xu

The Presser Scholar Award: Jonas Lonzanida

Theatre Arts Award: Conner Douthit

Theatre Arts Performance Award: Margaret Cook

Theatre Arts Design & Technical Award: Grace Crumbley

Theatre Arts Education Award: Alyssa Cooper

D. Abbott Turner College of Business

Accounting Award: Kayla Henderson

Finance Award: Autumn Wilson

Management Award: Sade Dantzler

General Business Award: Nina Nguyen

Marketing Award: Gabrielle Chan

Management Information Systems Award: Michael Oresteen

Master of Business Administration Award: Robert McGoey

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership: Nathan Catching

Applied Computer Science Award: Rachel Strehlow

Computer Science: Games Programming Award: Johnathan Kimbro

Information Technology Award: Charles Little

Computer Science: Software Systems Award: Kristen Wright

Applied Computer Science, M.S. Award: Daniel Rockwell

Computer Science: Cybersecurity Award: Matthew Bowen

College of Education and Health Professions

School Counseling Award: Candice Stevens

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Award: Shereen Khouri

Educational Leadership Award: Cameron Andrews

Doctor of Education - Educational Leadership Track Award: Amy Miller

Doctor of Education - Curriculum Track Award: Devon Lassette

Doctor of Education-Higher Education Administration Award: Dawn Nguyen

Early Childhood Education (Undergraduate) Award: Gina Williams

Early Childhood Education (Graduate) Award: Corey Vernon

Middle Grades Education (Undergraduate) Award: Madison Ramirez

Middle Grades Education (Graduate) Award: Bertram Harris

English Education (Undergraduate) Award: Rebekah Young

English Education (Graduate) Award: Margie Lacy

Spanish Education (Undergraduate) Award: Patrick Murphy

Secondary Mathematics Education (Graduate) Award: Alison Edwards

UTeach Mathematics Education (Undergraduate) Award: Zachary Folta

UTeach Science Education (Undergraduate) Award: Brianna Dent

Secondary Science Education (Graduate) Award: Amber Sanderson

Social Science Education (Graduate) Award: David-Edward Adkins

Special Education (Undergraduate) Award: William Chandler

Special Education (Graduate) Award: Nicole Naylor

Curriculum & Instruction in Accomplished Teaching (Graduate) Award: Karlyn McConnell

Teacher Leadership (Graduate) Award: Paul Meunier

Outstanding Nursing B.S.N. Award: Aaliyah Yarbrough

Outstanding Nursing M.S.N. Award: Heather Thompson

Outstanding Nursing R.N. - B.S.N. Award: Angela Steinbrecher

Outstanding Nursing M.S.N.-F.N.P. Award: Caroline DiGiacomo

College of Letters and Sciences

Literature Award: Taylor Aspinwall

Professional Writing Award: Scott DeClue

Creative Writing Award: Steven Reynolds

Gullo Prize in Historical Research & Writing Award: Tiffany Morgan

Outstanding Political Science Award: Megan Santana-Peters

Mario Mion Political Science Honors Scholarship Award: Chrisha Minnifield

Master of Public Administration Award: Molly Estes

Philosophy Award: Cole Trahan

Cellular & Molecular Biology Award: Candice Tate

Biology Education Award: Brianna Dent

George Stanton Biology Award: Cherish Jordan

Organismic Biology Award: Zachary Gallatin

Ecological & Evolutionary Biology Award: Mary Claire Halbrook

Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Major Award: Shyrisse Ramos

Excellence in Chemistry Research Award: Shaquithea Harris Outstanding Graduate Chemistry Student Award: MD Abdul Hakim

Geology Award: Stephanie Thompson

Engineering Award: Dawson Dooley

Astronomy Award: Paul Halford

Physics Award: Ivy Do

Environmental Science Award: Dominika Sherwood

Psychology Academic Achievement Award: Jenna Gaskins

Psychology Undergraduate Research Award: Lacey Little