CSU Recognizes Students, Faculty with Highest Academic Awards

Columbus State University held its 2018 Scholastic Honors Convocation on Friday in University Hall. The annual event recognizes those students who receive the highest academic awards at the university.

Dr. Jim Owen, professor of English, was named CSU’s 2017-2018 Educator of the Year, a recognition awarded by the Student Government Association and based on student body nominations. The Faculty Cup, the highest award granted to a CSU student, went to Michael Rohly, and Nikki Thuylan Pham received the Academic Recognition Award. Below is a list of all other awards.


Department Student of Excellence
Department of Art Rebecca Hinzman
Department of Communication Kaylin Baker
Schwob School of Music Elisabeth Tsai
Department of Theatre Ariana Perez-Lugonez
Department of Accounting & Finance Christine O’Brien
Department of Management & Marketing Theresa Teale Moran
TSYS School of Computer Science Brian Lockerbie
Department of Counseling, Foundations & Leadership Courtney St. John-Wacker
Department of Teacher Education Kimberly Apple
Department of Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science (Health & Physical Education) Stephanie Kolwicz
Department of Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science (Health Science) Brandon Duong
Department of Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science (Exercise Science) Tatiana Forester
School of Nursing Emily Christein
Department of Criminal Justice & Sociology (Criminology) Andrea Skipor
Department of Criminal Justice & Sociology (Sociology) Joslyn Hobbs
Department of English Lauren Miley
Department of History & Geography (History) Abby Gibbons
Department of History & Geography (Geography) Christofer Gass
Department of Modern & Classical Languages Alice Mendez
Department of Politics, Philosophy & Public Administration Erin Lamberson
Department of Biology Jocelyn Canedo


Department Student of Excellence
Department of Biology (M.S. Natural Sciences – Biology Track) Lauren Whitehurst
Department of Chemistry Jared Bies
Department of Chemistry (M.S. Natural Sciences – Chemistry Track) Jacqueline McGuire
Department of Earth & Space Sciences Brendan O’Keeffe
Department of Earth & Space Sciences (M.S. Natural Sciences – Geo-Science Track) Austin Caughey
Department of Earth & Space Sciences (M.S. Natural Sciences – Environmental Science Track) Kerstin Motsch
Dapartment of Mathematics Christopher Sinkule
Department of Psychology Allison Stallworth



Honors College

Emma Baum – Interdisciplinary Studies Award

Darby High – Scholarly Activities in Fine and Performing Arts Award

Abby Gibbons – Scholarly Activities in Humanities Award

Sam Rensenhouse – Scholarly Activities in Professional Studies Award

John Hetzel – Scholarly Activites in Science Award

Ellie Pippas – Scholarly Activities in Social Science Award


College of the Arts

Ashley T. Clark – Art Award

Steven Bardon – Studio Art Award

Rebecca Hinzman – Art History Award

Kasey Powell – Art Education (Undergraduate) Award

Alexandra Goodrich – Art Education (Graduate) Award

Madison Ullman – Communication  Award

Katherine Holbrook – Senior Music Award

Elisabeth Tsai – Presser Scholar

Caitlyn Gallagher – Theatre Arts Award

Isabella Minter – Theatre Arts Performance Award

Alexander Sackmann – Theatre Arts Design & Technical Award

Ariana Perez-Lugonez – Theatre Arts Education Award


Abbott Turner College of Business

Andrew Walsh – Accounting Award

Ashton Edwards – Finance Award

Theresa Teal Moran – Management Award

Brittany Wilkins – General Business Award

Tiffany Medina – Marketing Award

Nancy Avina – Management Information Systems Award

Jacob Fowler – Master of Business Adminstration Award

Somer Mason – Master of Science in Organizational Leadership Award

Loran Shaver – Applied Computer Science Award

Jacob Taylor – Computer Science: Games Programming Award

Davion Clark – Information Technology Award

Olivia Horace – Computer Science: Software Systems Award

Kimberly Brown – Applied Computer Science, M.S. Award

Brian Lockerbie – Computer Science: Cybersecurity Award


College of Education and Health Professions

Lecia Wright – School Counseling Award

Lauren Hearn – Clinical Mental Health Counseling Award

Dennis Pattison – Educational Leadership Award

Delaine Bennett – Doctor of Education: Leadership Track Award

Courtney St. John-Wacker – Doctor of Education: Curriculum Track Award

Ashley Cook – Early Childhood Education (Undergraduate) Award

Joshua Renfrow – Early Childhood Education (Graduate) Award

Michaela Campbell – Middle Grades Education (Undergraduate) Award

Erin Jane – English Education (Undergraduate) Award

Laura Lee Pike – English Education (Graduate) Award

Alice Mendez – Spanish Education (Undergraduate) Award

Jose Ruiz – Secondary Mathematics (Graduate) Award

Kimberly Apple – UTeach Mathematics Education (Undergraduate) Award

Austin Sellers – UTeach Science Education (Undergraduate) Award

Samuelle Mangibin – Secondary Science Education (Graduate) Award

James Bennett – Social Science Education (Undergraduate) Award

Vanessa Ellis – Social Science Education (Graduate) Award

Kyle D. Allen – Special Education (Undergraduate) Award

Amy K. Labas – Special Education (Graduate) Award

Caprisha Battle – Curriculum & Instruction in Accomplished Teaching (Graduate) Award

Thomas Wade Pilgrim – Teacher Leadership (Graduate) Award

Hunter Lee Bowling – Outstanding Nursing B.S.N. Award

Elizabeth Baker – Outstanding Nursing M.S.N. Award

April Leigh Shelnutt – Outstanding Nursing R.N. – B.S.N. Award

Karrie Galyon – Outstanding Nursing M.S.N. – F.N.P. Award


College of Letters and Sciences

Arianna Marealle – Literature Award

Kaleigh Blessard – Professional Writing Award

Justin Briley – Creative Writing Award

Matthias B. Smith - Gullo Prize in Historical Research & Writing Award

Jeremy B. Randall – Spanish Award

Erin Lamberson – Outstanding Political Science Award

Preeyanka Patel – Master of Public Adminstration Award

Blake Reed & Korie MacDougall – Mario Mion Political Science Honors Scholarship Award

Daniel Kim – Cellular & Molecular Biology Award

Autumn Evilsizer – Biology Education Award

Jocelyn Canedo – George Stanton Biology Award

Michael Sandak – Organismic Biology Award

John Hetzel – Ecological & Evolutionary Biology Award

Cayla Rose– Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Major Award

Camila Cardenas – Excellence in Chemistry Research Award

Jacqueline McGuire – Outstanding Graduate Chemistry Student Award

Natalie Halford – Geology Award

Eric Pollock – Engineering Award

Kristopher Fitch – Astronomy Award

Ivy Do – Physics Award

Jack Hovey – Environmental Science Award