CSU Student-run Newspaper The Saber Receives Eight Awards in State Competition

Student-run campus news publication The Saber brought home eight awards from the Georgia College Press Association’s 2017 Better Newspaper Competition held in Athens this February.

Most notable was the award of 1st place in the general category of Overall Improvement, which The Saber received for showing a marked transition in style and quality of content according to GCPA judges.

“They are clearly the class of the group,” wrote one anonymous contestant judge. “The Saber went from a very much fluff-piece format to a publication that goes after hard-hitting and impactful stories. This thought-provoking content surely brings the reader into the magazine.”

Other categories in which The Saber won 2nd place and 3rd place awards were Best Investigative News Article, Best Objective News Article, Best Entertainment Story, Best Column, Best Feature Story, and Best Photography Editorial. Contest entries included content from 2016 as well as 2017 issues.

Scottie DeClue, a senior and English major, is the current Editor-in-Chief of The Saber, and Scott Berson, who recently graduated last fall, was the editor in 2016.

“I am extremely proud of my staff, and we could not have received this honor without theirs and my predecessors hard work,” DeClue said about the awards. “This was a collaborative effort, and I think that everyone, including those who taught me, deserve recognition.”

Although the submitted content fell under the timeline of these two individuals, faculty adviser of The Saber, Professor Joe Miller, attests that these awards could not have been achieved without the drive and direction of Catherine Saavedra, editor of The Saber in 2015.

“Catherine really got the whole move toward excellence started,” Miller said. “She had the vision and motivation, and Scott and Scottie have kept that focus and momentum going.”

In addition to the awards, Raylyn Ray, a senior member of The Saber, was elected four-year board member for the GCPA. They will hold the position for four years until elections are held again.

The Saber won their first award in 1964 for Best Campus Community Service in the category of News Coverage.

In the specific categories, which judge individual content, six members of The Saber received recognition.

  • Best Campus Community Service - News 2nd Place​: The Saber

  • Best News Article - Investigative 2nd Place​: Ivey Milam & Toni Stauffer

  • Best News Article - Objective 3rd Place​: Ivey Milam

  • Best Entertainment Story 3rd Place​: Scott Berson

  • Best Column 3rd Place ​- Scottie DeClue

  • Best Feature Story 2nd Place ​- Ashton Johnson

  • Best Photograph - Editorial/Feature 2nd Place​: Ashton Johnson

  •  Improvement - 1st Place​: The Saber