CSU Students and Faculty Travel to Selma

About 100 Columbus State University students and faculty marched in Selma over the weekend to commemorate the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” a 1965 protest march that sought to win federal voting protections for African-Americans.

Students traveled free of charge on Sunday, March 8 on two CSU buses to join tens of thousands of other supporters.

“With a large African-American student population at CSU, we need to pay attention to civil rights issues,” said Nick Easton, professor of political science. “For us to pass up on these opportunities, especially within a day’s drive of Columbus, would be short-sighted in the pursuit of education.”

The trip was the result of a collaborative effort among multiple CSU departments, including the Department of Political Science, the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology, the Department of History and Geography and the DegreeIn3 program.

For more information about the trip, contact Gary Sprayberry, chair for CSU’s Department of History and Geography, at 706-507-8356 or sprayberry_gary@columbusstate.edu.


Selma Students