CSU Students Elected To University System Student Council

COLUMBUS --- Columbus State University Student Body President Robert DeVries has been elected chair of the Student Advisory Council to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

Another CSU student, freshman Christina Gridley, was elected treasurer for the council.

They are the first students from Columbus State University student to preside over the Student Advisory Council (SAC), which is the voice of the student body of the University System of Georgia more than 200,000 students.

The council is designed for communication and counsel between the students of the University System of Georgia and the chancellor of the system, the Board of Regents, the state government, the news media and the public concerning problems and issues that are important to the students of the University System of Georgia.

DeVries, a 29-year-old computer science major, was elected Saturday and assumed chair duties of the SAC this week.

Im extremely honored, he said. I always wanted to be the best CSU student body president that I could be, and I wanted to be the best student body president there ever was. I dont know if Ive been the best student body president, but Ive been the best that I could be. Now Im going to do the best I can with SAC.

DeVries yearlong tenure as student body president ends this month, just before he graduates with his bachelors degree.

He thanks the support he received from CSU for inspiring him to run for SAC chair.

Im proud of my school for supporting me throughout my year as student body president, he said. I think a lot of other schools could take example of how our vice president of student services and our president supports its student government.

Gridley, 19, is a computer science major who has served as a CSU Student Government Association senator, and in the Servant Leadership Program during 2001-02.

She graduated in 2001 from Hardaway High School in the High Achievement Program (since renamed the International Baccalaureate Program).


For more information, contact Robert DeVries at 568-2403 or by e-mail at devries_robert@ColumbusState.edu.